Japan’s leading manufacturer of measurements solutions looks back at a long history.

ANRITSU Corporation´s predecessor, ANRITSU Electric Co., Ltd., was created by the merger in 1931 of Sekisansha Co., which was founded in 1895 as a manufacturer of wire communication equipment, and Annaka Denki Seisakusho, which was established in 1900 as a pioneer in wireless communication equipment.

ANRITSU continues to draw on its long history and experience in wire and wireless communication equipment, and is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of advanced products, including communication equipment, instrumentation and control equipment, information terminals and manufacturing equipment.

In tandem with these developments, ANRITSU has expanded its domestic manufacturing centers and has established foreign subsidiaries.

In 1990, the American instrument manufacturer Wiltron Co., joined the ANRITSU group, enhancing the ANRITSU product portfolio by a wide range of instruments for RF, Microwave and Wireless applications.

In 2005, NetTest (Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark) joined the ANRITSU group, adding solutions to the ANRITSU portfolio that fit perfectly as complementary solutions to existing ANRITSU products. The former NetTest solutions mainly include portable test & measurement products for installation and maintenance of modern telecommunication networks.

ANRITSU products are used in a diverse range of industrial areas by customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. In order to provide customers with high-quality products, the ANRITSU group adopts a quality system confirming to the international standards ISO 9001.

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